Imamzadeh Rouhollah is a descendent of the second Imam of Shias, Imam Hassan and one of the mostrespected prophet’s offspring who has many reported miracles. Pilgrims were denied easy entreance in large numbers and not many people even knew about this shrine due to the location of his holy shrine inside the courtyard of the Tehran Citadel (Arg-e-Shahi), which later became a part of the telecommunication facility area. This had not diminished the love and regard of the old residents and businessmen of the surrounding neighborhood, tough, so that many of them had committed themselves to go to the shrine, despite therestrictions, especially on Mondays. According to historical and genealogical books, this respectable Imamzadeh lived in early 10 th century (AH) and the shrinewas last renovated in 1311 AH (1893 AD), based on the date inscribed on the old tablet of the shrine.

The tall building of telecommunication department was built in the northern part of this holy shrine in the pre-revolutionary era and, therefore, the shrine (a small room of about 12 m 2 area) became a part of thisfacility. Consequently, the pilgrims were prevented from entering the area for security reasons. The securityprecautions intensified when Mojahedin (members of MKO) performed a bombing attack near thetelecommunication facility area. Subsequently, the pilgrims were only allowed to enter the facility for a few hours, on Mondays, to visit the shrine.

In 2010, this holy shrine was separated from the telecommunication building, following the elimination ofsecurity problems. A comprehensive construction plan started that same year and its first phase wascompleted in 2013.


پایگاه اطلاع رسانی آستان مقدس امامزاده روح الله علیه السلام